Ons het nie die grenslose omvang van korrupsie en staatskaping in ons wildste drome besef nie. As nasie staan ons beskaamd voor die hele wêreld, weliswaar ontbloot as mense wat een ding predik, maar iets anders lewe.

Inderdaad is nie elkeen wat in Suid Afrika woon korrup en onbetroubaar nie.


Dit is waarskynlik ‘n klein minderheid wat ‘n aaklige merk laat op die geloofwaardigheid van oorwegend Christene in hierdie land. Tog is daar iets soos korporatiewe, gesamentlike skuld. Ons vind dit dikwels in die ou Testament dat die sonde van die geheel só bely word asof dit ook die sonde van die enkeling is. Op die manier sou ons kon bid: “Here vergewe ons vir wat ons geword en vir wat ons toegelaat het”.

Aan die anderkant help dit ook nie om kamp op te slaan by ons huidige status nie. Ons moet dringend verander. Op ‘n manier bied die komende verkiesing aan elke burger in Suid-Afrika ‘n geleentheid om ‘n stem vir die alternatief te wees. Mens sou kon redeneer dat enige iets beter is as wat ons tans het. Of die kwaad volledig kan uitloop nou dat die sweer oopgesteek is, en op so
‘n wyse dat die ANC wat in besondere mate moet pa staan vir die toedrag van sake, is erg te betwyfel.

Mnr. Ramaphosa het die steun van baie mense in ons land. Een kooltjie maak egter nie ‘n vuur nie. Of hy die politieke wil het om daad by die woord te voeg en korrupsie wortel en tak uit te roei sal ons nog moet sien. Hy sê die regte dinge, dit gee ‘n mens baie hoop.

Ons president kry vanaand die geleentheid om ‘n verdere spyker te slaan in die doodskis van korrupsie met sy “State of the Nation Address” (SONA).

The nation, Mr. Ramaphosa, longs for a new day. We are tired, worn out. We have been abused and laughed at during the nine wasted years you referred to. Too many of us are becoming bitter and cynical. We long for a new day. The time is now, Mr. President.

We are deeply concerned about unemployment and poverty. With unemployment as high as it is, the foundation on which hope is built is totally non-existent. This is where we need to start. The private sector has to be freed from the shackles that keep them from ensuring opportunities.

The inability of local governments and municipalities to be responsible in the appropriation of budgets is devastating. Many young people have given up hope. T-shirts at the next ANC rally is not going to do it. They now opt for a T-shirt of another colour. You know where this will lead us.

Services, and the pace at which infrastructure is being destroyed, as well as lack of maintenance are alarming, to say the least.

We are concerned about our educational system. Our children are not safe. The state is the custodian of our nation’s children. We will surely give account of what we have done with and to them. Other agendas disrupt classes and outcomes. We need to get our priorities sorted.

Our judicial system needs to be upheld and its independence secured. What is happening in Coligny at this time is outrageous and not just.

How is it possible Mr. President that our whole South African Police force is being held hostage by criminals, murderers and abusers in this country?

Why the inability to stop what is happening on the Cape flats where innocent children die in cross fire? Why are the atrocities towards our farming community and the brutality of it all not addressed satisfactorily? Can we
even trust those who are supposed to protect us?

Our health system collapses more and more by the day.

State-owned enterprises have become impotent structures which has the potential to bring this nation to total collapse.

The way South Africa responded to the honest concerns of five important economic partners leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Some of our officials are incompetent and without discernment.

With regard to corruption, we want to see perpetrators behind bars. Irrespective of who they are. We want those responsible for shaming this nation to take responsibility.

As a matter of urgency we need to know the way forward with regard to land reform. Food security depends on it. Our farming community in particular are
losing hope.

In closing Mr. President, we appreciate your efforts to secure a growing economy and raise investments. It should, however, not be investment at any cost.

We imagine with you a South Africa with a budding economy. We imagine a South Africa with you where we no longer feature on the corruption index. We imagine a rainbow nation living in harmony and peace, a place where every citizen has the opportunity to be their very best. We imagine a nation that has regained the respect of the international community and has rediscovered
their moral compass.

We acknowledge that we do not always fully comprehend the complexities of running a nation. We after all are not politicians. That is why you have been elected, why you are mandated and trusted to lead the way. South Africa needs leadership and political will more than ever before.

We pray for you. You need wisdom and courage.

We also ask forgiveness. Complaining has become second nature to us.

We commit ourselves to work with you, to work towards the rebirth. This rebirth, as with Nicodemus, is from below and above.

Please don’t forget to pray.

Citizens of this rainbow nation.